Meet Keena Kitty

Thank you for taking time to come and meet me. My name is Keena Kitty but Momma calls me all sorts of things. She calls me her Baby Doll and her Dolly Doodles but I like when she calls me Momma’s Girl the best.

My story is a little long. I was born on May 9, 1993. I don’t remember my Kittymom much anymore but Momma says she was a seal point Siamese kitty. I never met my daddy but Momma said he was a gigolo Tuxedo kitty.

I came to live with Momma in July of that year and I was about 11 weeks old. I was still very small but TED Foster said I was just fine. I didn’t like eating much but TED Foster said it was because I was getting used to my new home.

This was just before I got sick. The film was old so it came out funny

About a week later Momma went away for 2 whole days. I got sick during that time and when Momma came back the lady that was watching me said I wouldn’t eat. My eye was all goopy so Momma took me to TED Foster again. TED Foster said I was one very sick kitty. I don’t know what ‘dying’ means but it made Momma very sad and she cried. I didn’t see her for four whole days after that. TED Foster took care of me and a kitty named Scooter gave me some of his blood. I felt a little better after that but I still wouldn’t eat. TED Foster told Momma to come and get me and take me home but I probably wouldn’t live or grow up if I did survive.

Momma had to give me vitamins and medicine, which didn’t taste good at all. She bought me every kind of kitty food in every flavor to get me to eat. I didn’t feel good and didn’t want to eat. After one day at home Momma decided she needed to feed me with a spoon. She got me to eat and I got stronger and started to eat by myself. Momma was so happy!

Today I am a big kitty and weigh about 9 1/2 pounds. I have very green eyes that don’t get goopy now and I have a very shiny coat, which I make Momma brush at least twice everyday.

This is when I got all better.

A few years ago Momma brought another kitty home. Her name is Sabeen Marie. I don’t like her and I live in the puter room now. I have lots of toys, and 2 cat trees to play on. I sleep in my Cat Napper on the windowsill and like to sit on Momma’s lap while she is on the puter. I have 2 kitty condos and 3 cardboard scratch pads too. Momma watches TV in here too so I can sit with her. I tolerate Sabeen now. I love my Momma very much and she takes good care of me.

In October 1999, Momma changed TEDs because she wanted me tested for heartworm and TED Foster wouldn't do it. She kept asking and he kept saying no. She searched and finally found nice new TED Clark for me. TED Clark was happy to test me although I didn't like having my blood drawn at all. I have tested positive for feline heartworm antibody. Momma is so very mad at TED Foster. Feline heartworm is a preventable disease. I have to be retested and have radiographs in January 2000 to see if I have developed the disease or if my body has been able to fight it off. Please have your kitties tested for this disease. Even though we cats are not good hosts for the wormies, it is still possible for us to get them and die from them. Please visit our Feline Heartworm page for links to information about this disease and cats.

And she did it again! In May 2001 French Toast came to live here. She used to live next door which was close she is here.

FEBRUARY 2000 UPDATE! - Keena has had radiographs of her heart and lungs with no abnormalities from the heartworm disease found! We have found the source of her cough seems to be an allergy, although to what we do not know. Her bronchi were thickened indicating inflammation from an irritant. She was also retested for heartworm and though her antibody is still positive, the test that reveals an active infection is still negative. She has been started on monthly Heartgard Chewables (ivermectin) as well.

SEPTEMBER 2000 UPDATE! - Keena is doing well still and we have determined the cause of her allergies. It turned out to be my waterbed. Before I owned it, it had been stored in a basement for some time. The wood bottom must have picked up some mold that could not be seen or smelled. She liked to hide underneath the center where it was hollow. The bed was replaced with a conventional one in August and her cough has gone away!

SEPTEMBER 2003 UPDATE! - Keena is still doing well although she is getting a bit older. She may be at the very beginning stages of some kidney problems which will be monitored closely. She has given upher room and spends all her time in the living room now with everyone else. She may not like the other kitties but the hissing has been greatly reduced.

JANUARY 2005 UPDATE - While giving Keena lovins one night I found a lump on her hip. She also had a white spot or bump on her eyelid so off to TED we went. Oddly enough, the larger lump turned out to be a sebaceous adenoma and the vet got it all. The tiny little spot on her eye that the vet didn't even want to bother with, turned out to be a mast cell tumor which could not be completely removed without deforming her eyelid or tearduct. We will be consulting an oncologist but the vet does not recommend radiation on the face at all. And oddly enough, Keena's blood work before surgery was absolutely purrfect and the best she's ever had. She is acting just fine so we wait and see.

APRIL 2006 Update - Keena continues to do well and is approaching her 13th birthday! She has developed an allergy to wheat gluten which is found in most cat foods with gravy. We continue to try different foods that won't make her sick. If you have any suggestions please e-meow and let us know!

April 2009 UPDATE! Keena continues to do well although she has lost weight and is starting CRF. All a part of getting old they tell me.

September 2010 UPDATE! Keena continues to lose weight and the vet seems to think she has lymphoma. There are no other signs and I would not put her through the treatment at her age.

January 2011 Update! I have no idea what happened to the well mannered quiet girl that lived here. Keena has decided any food I have must be reviewed up close and personal to see if she would like it. Oh, and a new nickname is screaming meezer...I try to tell her that screaming at the oven makes nothing cook faster not to mention it's usually something she doesn't like! Except roast which she always gets to share. She will sometimes eat 4 cans of food a day and screams loudly for more when she wants it. She acts like a thyroid cat but her tests say no. She is just uner 7 pounds now and...She will be 18 this year!

May 2012 Update! Today Keena is 19 years old! I never thought we would see this day. She has out lived both Toast and Bean and is once again an only cat. She has a bit of dementia the vet says and she wakes me during the night yelling. Neither one of us knows what she wants but another can of Fancy Feast sometimes makes her quiet. She had a dinner of filet mignon, some nip and a play session to celebrate. It was a great birthday!

December 6, 2012 Keena has crossed to The Bridge. After having several seizures she told me it was time. it is a very sad day. the vets believe she had a brain tumor.
I love you forever and always my baby had the best belly in the whole wide world.

I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting me, I certainly enjoyed meeting you. Please enjoy the other pictures of me below. Momma is very proud of me and loves me very much.

This is me sitting on the porch.
I look mad cause I don't like having my picture taken.

Momma scared me while I was playing with my mousie.
I hate when she does that!

And after playing, a nap of course in a sunbeam.

Here I am as February 1999 Pampered Princess of the Month.
Isn't my crown beautiful?

This is the award I received for being a Pampered Princess from Princess Hope.

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